Delicious, sun-kissed fruit from New Zealand for you and your family to enjoy.

Le Fresh works alongside local growers to deliver global enjoyment of nature’s finest; New Zealand grown finest stonefruit and feijoas. With a no-compromise approach, our products are grown for flavor, size, and appearance. From the orchard to the point of sale, rigorous quality control measures ensure sustainable supply to customers worldwide. Where possible, our products are hand-picked and packed for maximum freshness and enjoyment.

Our Products


Finest quality and great tasting world famous New Zealand cherries,
hand-picked for the best eating experience.


Juicy, tangy-sweet sun-ripened peaches. Bursting with flavor.

White and golden flesh varieties available.


Golden-yellow fleshy fruit that hits the
balance between sweet and tart.


Large fruit with a distinctive sweet flavour.

Black Doris, Fortune, Greengage and ‘Pluot’ varieties available.


Smooth skin, dense flesh and tangy sweet fruit closely related to peaches.

White and golden flesh varieties available.


An aromatic, juicy fruit with a tropical
flavour and short season of availability.

Harvest Times


For more information about varieties and
harvest times click on the image below